Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jack Conway you lied!

This is Jack Conway making up stuff so that he doesn't have to tell the voters what his positions are.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Daniel Mongiardo's supporters didn't like Conway either.

Dr Dan's supporters haven't taken there anti-Conway stuff down yet at .

Some question if they will? There's been rumors that Mongiardo's refused to endorse Conway. At the very least, he hasn't done it yet.

Philosophically I think Mongiardo might have more in common with an anti-establishment, anti-corporatist Constitutionalist then Conway.

This race was about the Establishment vs the anti-Establishment. The establishment won the Democrat primary. The anti-establishment won the Republican. Their are freedom wings and their are fascist wings of both parties. It’s not about Democrat vs Republican. It’s about the people vs the political class. Like Rand, Mongiardo represented the people of his respective party. I wish him well.

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Rand Paul  Jack Conway

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great New Jack Conway Website

I don't know who set this up, but apparently Jack Conway has some explaining to do. I wonder what coal workers in Kentucky will think about Jack's support of Cap and Trade, or what liberals will think about his cozy relationship with Big Pharma and Wall Street.

On this last note, Conway is being highly disingenuous in attacking BP, because BP is one of the biggest funders of Jack Conway's campaign

What do you expect from a corporate lawyer/career politician though.

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