Friday, December 11, 2009

Karl Rove disses Rand Paul

Hot on the heals of Trey Grayson accusing Rand Paul of being the establishment candidate,

Karl Rove writes the following op-ed referencing the Kentucky Race.
Republicans have also recruited good candidates for their open seats. New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte is competitive, as are Ohio's Rob Portman and Missouri's Roy Blunt. Republicans in Florida have to get through a primary fight, but either Gov. Charlie Crist or former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio will likely hold the seat. (I've donated to Messrs. Blunt and Rubio.) Only Kentucky's open seat vacated by Jim Bunning causes the GOP squeamishness.

Of course, what he really means is it causes the power brokers in the upper echelons of the Republican Party hierarchy squeamishness. The reason for this is because Rand Paul wants to 'depower' Washington (Or Downsize DC.) and return that power to the individual where it belongs. If I were a power brokers, in either party, I'd be squeamish too.

What I find hilarious is, how do you be the establishment candidate -- when "MR Establishment" himself comes out targeting you? I think this is just more proof that Trey Grayson is simply a useful cog in the Republican Party machine. And the establishment, because of that, would prefer Grayson to a principled, honest individualist like Rand Paul who thinks for himself and isn't afraid to shake things up.

The Rand Paul campaign posted a blog in response to this in "Why so squeamish?":
Don’t know for sure what Rove is talking about, but if it is Rand Paul’s strong support for reform through term limits, reducing the size and scope of government, and his solid, consistent opposition to Republicans caving in on bailouts and stimulus spending that is causing some Washington D.C. tummy aches, then that’s good.

Rand is leading in the polls in Kentucky because Kentuckians can’t stomach the nonsense from our professional politicians anymore.

I think that's about right. Rank and file Republicans who care about principles are sick of being lied to by the McCains and other big government liberals who have hijacked the party. They want to take the party back. And Rand Paul has the credibility to do just that.

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

News Converage: Rand Paul in Henderson, KY

Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul at Rookie's on Fox 7

News coverage on Rand's visit.

It's good to see Rand Paul in the news. I think the Anchorwoman means Rand Paul's against "Government Run health care" though. How can a person be against health care? The debate is whether or not a government monopoly can produce health care as efficiently as the market-place. And the fact is, it can't. . .

As evidenced by the fact that our current hyper regulated, corporatist government/business partnership system doesn't work very well. The solution to our health care woes is to get rid of all the government created "managed care" systems that have caused all of our current problems with the health care industry.

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Inspirational Rand Paul TeaParty Moneybomb Video

Rand Paul's Tea Party - December 16th Moneybomb!

Remember. Outraising Trey Grayson this quarter will be a HUGE Victory. Perhaps even THE victory.

Another thought that I had was, I think it's quite possible, the Club for Growth, AND Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives fund will endorse Rand Paul if Rand Paul drives a knock-out Blow to Grayson in the Q4 fund-raising.

I think they both kind of want assurances I think that Rand Paul will WIN before they go out on a limb and endorse somebody that far outside of the establishment. So, the more money Rand Paul raises, the more endorsements will come out of the woodwork.

Regarding DeMint's Senate Conservative fund specifically, over at Rand Paul Forums Lordindra3 offers the following speculation:
Please dont forget DeMint's senate conservatives! I found out the reason why they havent already jumped on Rand, by the way. Its purely political. Even though DeMint wants to take McConnell's seat, McConnell is still the GOP senate head and has power over DeMint and its very sensitive to jump on McConnell's puppet's opponent! Also, Grayson, we all know is a big government republicrat, but there is no SOLID evidence like their is against Charlie Christ and they dont want to support someone who they think may have plateaued (praying that that doesnt happen!). Thats why they are going to see how much money Rand raises for the 4th quarter and then check the early 1st quarter polling (which they will do again) and if Rand is going up more again, then they will come and support Rand. Thats the truth and thats why we need all of you more than we ever had!!!! We need you financially and we need your time and help! Thank you everybody!!!

Like I said, it's speculation -- but it's plausible. That's why this fundraiser day needs to be huge. Pledge Today

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Is it over for Trey Grayson if Rand Paul wins the Q4 Money race?

Blue Grass Bulletin has an interesting write-up about the "Grayson/Paul bout"

"If Paul out raises Grayson again ... it will take a knockout punch to beat him"

Round five will be the fourth quarter finance reports. If Paul out raises Grayson again, he will be ahead in the count with only five rounds to go. Certainly he needs to continue to take the fight to Grayson, who is still seen as the champ, but if Paul wins the next two rounds, it will take a knock out punch to beat him.

While Grayson may very well be playing a bit of rope-a-dope and letting Paul punch himself out, Paul is showing little sign of tiring. Grayson packs a helluva hard right hook, a lesson learned from his undefeated trainer Mitch McConnell. But there is always the risk that Paul will go the distance and win in a close decision.

Grayson better answer the next bell on his feet and ready to fight. It doesn't even look like Paul is breathing hard, yet.

I highly recommend reading the full article. Here's another quote showing Rand Paul making the right moves.
The fourth round was all about credibility. At first it looked like Grayson had rocked Paul with a few well landed blows to his mid-section finding discrepancies between the words he spoke about Gitmo and the words he published on his web site. Then came the head shot from the NRSC which questioned Paul's veracity when he reported that they had committed to him to not endorse in the race. But Paul seemed to recover well and before long rocked Grayson with a skillful combination of punches.

First, he deftly brushed aside the criticism and effectively shook off the effects of the hit. Then Paul began showing up again and again on national news programs and seemed to reach deep inside to gather the energy of the TEA party movement, getting the crowd behind him. And then Paul executed a crushing right when he was the ONLY one of the two to get out front for state senate candidate Jimmy Higdon who defeated his better funded democratic opponent despite all of the predictions of a loss.
Read the rest

(On this last point, Trey Grayson is now laughingly trying to take credit for Jimmy Higdon's success. However, only Paul showed up to Jimmy's event to help fund raise, and only Paul sent out e-mails to his entire Kentucky network to solicit donations for Higdon. What did Grayson do?)

But Bluegrass bulletin isn't the only one noticing this though. Kentucky GOP strategist Scott Jennings is quoted by WHAS11
“I truly believe the tale of the tape on this race will be on Jan. [31] when the [fourth-quarter] fundraising reports come out,” said Scott Jennings, a Kentucky political operative who previously worked for McConnell’s re-election campaign. “If the Paul people have not been able capitalize on him leading in a survey, then I think that might be indicative that he might have peaked. But if [Federal Election Commission] reports come out and Paul has again led all the Senate candidates in fundraising, then I think a lot of these fumbles sort of go away.”

So we've got a blogger and a GOP Strategist saying that if Rand Paul wins the forth quarter money race, it's sort of all over for Grayson. Certainly, Rand Paul still needs to work hard. (He is, and he will. But if Rand Paul goes into next year with significantly more money then Grayson, he's going to be very difficult to beat.

That's why it's imperative that Rand Paul's moneybomb on Dec 16th goes well. Please pledge. And donate at

We might actually get an honest Senator who believes in small government, balanced budgets, private property, and individual liberty! Who would have thought it was possible.

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Rand Paul in Rookie's Sports Bar in Henderson (photos)

Rand Paul at Rookie's in Henderson

Rand Paul was in Henderson, Kentucky. . .

today to meet and speak with the locals at Rookie's Sports Bar. Like always Gage has pictures of Rand's event.

Uncouth Ruminations has a first hand account of Rand Paul's meet and greet.
Largely an informal event, the senate candidate feared and loathed by the establishment was all smiles as he got to meet with a diverse cast of his supporters. Young and old, black and white, people came out to hear the doctor from Bowling Green talk about balanced budgets, lowering taxes, term limits, and the value of the dollar. As another attendee remarked to me, we didn't hear a single worn-out Republican catchphrase. Rather, the candidate pointed out that President Obama is easy to target and that the real challenge is to get the Republican Party back in shape. It doesn't matter if we harass the president for being reckless with the nation's finances when Republicans do no better themselves.

Candid Photo of Rand Paul, being a normal citizen

In a sight inconceivable two years ago when Rand Paul’s father

was running for president, the would-be senator is actually a viable candidate and has reason to be upbeat. The last poll conducted in November had Rand within the margin of error against the one-time presumptive candidate, Trey Grayson. The primary is still six months away and despite the rantings of cranky party chairmen, Rand Paul is not too kooky for a lot of folks in Kentucky.

The candidate, before and after his speech, took time to engage with nearly every attendee. In an act that didn't go unnoticed, the candidate was not "fashionably late" or any other euphemism to justify why his time is more important than that of his supporters, but was actually at the venue before the scheduled time. In that same vein, when the candidate departed, it was not flanked by highly-paid suits, but by carrying the boxes of his campaign materials himself.
Read the rest

Rand Paul sign in Rookie's Entrance
I'm going to say this again. Rand Paul is working HARD! He had 3 events last Saturday, and still found time to speak with Downsize DC, gave a speech in Bullitt County yesterday, and now he's meeting the locals in Henderson, Kentucky.

I don't think there can be any doubt about who's working harder in this race.

News Converage: Rand Paul in Henderson, KY

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rand Paul Speaks in Bullitt County, Kentucky (Video)


Rand Paul in Bullitt County Part 1

Rand Paul in Bullitt County Part 2

Rand Paul in Bullitt County Part 3

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rand Paul adopts DownSize DC Agenda!

I got the following E-mail today from Downsize DC. Watch their interview with Rand Paul.

Rand Paul wants to Cut Congressional Pay for every year that the government runs a deficit.

I don't know about you, but that always ticks me off when Congress automatically gives itself a "cost of living adjustment." I don't get a cost of living adjustment. And the reason I need one is because the Federal Reserve is devaluing the dollar! Anyway, here's the DownSize DC e-mail.

D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h

I travelled down to Kentucky last Friday to meet with Dr. Rand Paul, son of Congressman Ron Paul, and candidate for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky. I was there to discuss our Downsize DC Agenda proposals -- the Read the Bills Act, etc.
We met at a coffee shop. I just arrived after four hours on the road, walked in, and before I could order anything they suggested turning on a camera to tape our discussion so they could put it on their website. I still had gum in my mouth, but off we went with the interview. IT WAS GREAT! WATCH IT!
* The Rand Paul website is here:
* You can watch the video on his homepage, or if that doesn't work for some reason, you can watch it here:

There's a very good chance Dr. Paul will be the new Senator from Kentucky, so it was very exciting and gratifying to hear him endorse and agree that he would introduce every single item of the Downsize DC Agenda! That means . . .
* The Read the Bills Act 
* The One Subject at a Time Act 
* The Write the Laws Act 

He also promised to co-sponsor the Enumerated Powers Act, introduced in the Senate by Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.
And shortly after the camera went off, he told me he'd also re-introduce the Fiscal Responsibility Act. This is a bill to cut Congressional pay each year they run a deficit. Since Nathan Deal of Georgia has refused to reintroduce it in this Congress, we haven't updated the campaign.   
Please go to Rand Paul's homepage and watch the video!
And sorry about the gum chewing.
Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. I'm so excited that I've personally signed up to be on Rand Paul's email list and joined his Tea Party Moneybomb "cause" on Facebook.

D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h
is the official email list of, Inc. & Downsize DC Foundation
Normally published 3 - 6 times per week.
CONTRIBUTE in support of the "Educate the Powerful System" is sponsored by, Inc. -- a non-profit educational organization promoting the ideas of individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, and small government.  Operations office: 1931 15th St. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223, 202.521.1200

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Rand Paul's talk at Boone County GOP Christmas Party.

Rand Paul: "There is no Santa Clause"

Here's Rand's Speech at the Boone County Republican Party from while Rand Paul was 'touring' Northern Kentucky

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jimmy Higdon wins!

Remember Jimmy Hidgon? The man Rand Paul hosted a fundraiser for?

Blue Grass Politics writes:
Higdon declares victory in special state Senate race
Higdon, a Lebanon grocer who has been a state House representative since 2003, garnered 56 percent of the vote. He defeated Haydon, a Bardstown construction company executive who served in the House from 1997 to 2004, by more than 2,400 votes in the 14th Senate District — Marion, Mercer, Nelson, Taylor and Washington counties.
Read the rest

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rand Paul tours Northern Kentucky!

Rand Paul
Rand Paul vs Ben BernankeWell, not exactly. However, Saturday Rand Paul had 3 (Count um, One, two, THREE) events in Hebron, and California, Kentucky.

Rand Paul sign in California, KentuckyRand Paul had a fund raiser/friend raiser and a meet and greet in California, Kentucky. Gage Skidmore has a flicker set of pictures here.  Apparently somebody doesn't like Bernanke or the Federal Reserve.
Then it was off to Hebron, Kentucky for another meet and great. Don't you think this is a beautiful tree?

Christmas Tree at motel in Hebron, Kentucky
Rand Paul sign in Hebron, Kentucky He got a lot of compliments on his tie after he adjusted it.:) 

Rand Paul gives speech at Boone County Republican Party Christmas partyThen he was off to the Boone County GOP Christmas Party, also in Hebron, Kentucky.
Rand's table at Boone County GOP
Rand Paul had a good reception everywhere he went. I think the main thing this proves is that Rand Paul, really is working hard. He's working to make sure everybody knows who he is and where he stands on everything possible.

Rand Paul cameraman face-off with Trey Grayson Stalker.
Trey Grayson's new political stalker.
For those of you who remember Chandler "pancakes" Jenkins. We also met video stalker 2.0.

My guess is we'll be seeing more of this guy. You'd think Trey Grayson would have better things to do with his money then pay people to go around tape recording Rand Paul. Maybe that's just what establishment politicians do though.

I don't have any video of any of these events yet. Will post them as they become available.

Rand Paul's talk at Boone County GOP Christmas Party.

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Rand Paul at Downsize DC


Rand Paul adopts DownSize DC Agenda!

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trey Grayson says cutting government spending is a bad move

According to WBKO Trey Grayson says it's bad to cut government spending.
Grayson Says Budgets Cuts in Board of Elections is a Bad Move

Grayson and heads of agencies across state government have sent letters to State Budget Director Mary Lassiter explaining potential ramifications of 6% cuts that the Governor has called for.

This is so typical of liberals and government bureaucrats. During the boom time governments spend money like there's no tomorrow. But when the contraction hits, they're not willing to tighten their budget.

When you or I get a paycut, we can't go to our neighbor and steal from them to make up the shortfall. No. We have to cut costs and figure out how to make do. But when a government starts seeing lower revenue from taxes. They fight tooth and nail to keep from having to cut costs. Every bureaucracy thinks there's is the one that shouldn't have spending cut.

Is this really the kind of attitude we want from a US Senator? That of a bureaucrat protecting his turf from necessary budget cuts?

He claims to be a conservative. But conservatives LIKE to cut government spending. If he were really running his department like a conservative, he'd be trying to streamline it all along and trying to save the taxpayer as much money as possible. His attitude, instead, seems to be that of a typical government bureaucrat.

Perhaps it is only this particular cut he's opposed to. Still, from the news source it appears like he's cooperating with other heads of State Departments to prevent cuts elsewhere also. If he's a true conservative, he should be looking to slash government spending anywhere and everywhere possible -- including the budget of his own department.

Memo to Stan Lee: Rand Paul's the real conservative.

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Trey Grayson calls Rand Paul the establishment candidate?

OK. Trey Grayson seems to be getting desperate as he continues to run away from himself. has a very balanced article called, "Rand Paul's early lead a sign of party division."

On the 2nd page Grayson says,
Still, he rejects the label of establishment candidate, saying "my support cuts across all levels."

If anyone is an establishment candidate in the race, it's the one whose father is a sitting member of Congress, Grayson said.

That's ridiculous, Paul said.

"There's only been one candidate feted at the National Republican Senate headquarters with about 20 senators giving him money and only one candidate Mitch McConnell is raising money for," he said.

Ron Paul's part of the establishment? When did that happen? All I remember was establishment Republican Candidates laughing at him when he was predicting the current economic mess that we're all in right now. Ron Paul is popular now, because he was right. But he's popular with the people. That makes him "populist" which, I think, is the opposite of establishment. Seems Trey Grayson has been taking cues from Lindsey Graham again.

Scott Jennings in the article then says that Mitch McConnell isn't establishment.

Well, I guess I'm a bit confused. Being the number 1 Republican in the Senate -- sort of makes a person part of the establishment don't you think? McConnell also voted for the bailouts. Doesn't that make him part of the problem with Washington as it stands currently? (Although Kudos to McConnell for Opposing McCain/Feingold

Also from the article.
One of the most conservative members of Kentucky's General Assembly, Republican Rep. Stan Lee of Lexington, said he takes Grayson and Paul at their word that they are conservatives.

"But we don't have a voting record on either one," Lee said. "What I'm concerned about is whether whoever wins will adhere to the strong conservative principles we Kentuckians want.

"We will not put up with anything less."

I would like to share some information with Rep Stan Lee. (Not to be confused with the Stan Lee who created Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk -- That would be cool though right?)

Rand Paul has been organizing an anti-Tax group in Kentucky for years: Take Back Kentucky. What has Trey Grayson done?

Trey Grayson went to a fundraiser where 17 of 20 Republican Senators there voted for the bailouts. He's being funded by bankers and lobbyists from DC. And he and McConnell had plans to have another bailout ball in New York. (Although apparently that one was canceled?) Here's is my question. Who is he going to be loyal to when he votes? The bankers and lobbyists who are funding his campaign? Or the people?

Rand Paul on the other hand has publicly stated that he's refusing donations from Senators who voted for the bailouts.

I think it's pretty clear which one has the stronger principles.

Read the rest

If you haven't done so already. Please contact again The Club for Growth and Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund

Club for Growth: (copy and paste into your browser.)
Club for Growth Hours of Operation: 9am - 6pm EST weekdays; closed weekends
Phone: 202-955-5500
Fax: 202-955-9466

Senate Conservative Fund: (copy and paste into your browser)

A Commenter on the article writes:
"Brad Cummings, a Grayson backer....Grayson supporter Cummings said he, too, voted for Clinton."

Former Clinton supporter supports former Clinton supporter. Film at 11:00.

Update for Stan Lee

Trey Grayson says cutting government spending is a bad move

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson