Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Truth About Rand Paul

From the Daily Paul

With the Recent Controversy about Rand Paul from members of the libertarian community. I thought this 1st hand account of Rand Paul's attitude and integrity was relevant. Here's an excerpt.

During these months, over several frustrated phone conversations with Chad in San Diego, Matt Collins here in Middle Tennessee, and Rand Paul's unofficial manager at the time (now his spokesperson), Chris Hightower- an amazing picture emerged: Rand Paul didn't really want it! He was too humble, too conservative, too focused on his family and his business practice. The notion of Rand Paul as some ambitious opportunist trading on his father's name for personal benefit is a pure fiction, and I can tell you so with 100% certainty as a firsthand witness.

Rand Paul has not seized some opportunity for personal gain- history and opportunity have seized him! I cannot properly articulate how many agonized conversations I had with activists here in Tennessee and Kentucky about how perfect this opportunity was to put a true Constitutionalist in the US Senate, and how frustratingly reluctant Rand was to seize that opportunity. In the end, with the patient goading and persuading of Rand's associates and the grassroots community, and with the impelling call of duty to his country, Rand relented and decided to make a bid for US Senate because his country and commonwealth needed him.
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There you have it. Rand Paul is making a sacrifice to run for Senate. He's not a career politician. I think his integrity speaks for itself.

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