Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Concerned Women of America PAC officially endorses Rand Paul!

The Concerned Women of America PAC has issued its endorsement of Rand in the 2010 GOP primary.
“Rand Paul is a strong man of faith and of conviction,” said Beverly LaHaye, founder and chairman of Concerned Women PAC.
“Rand is strongly pro-life, and has pledged his support for federal measures to end abortion.
Additionally, Rand is pro-parental rights, and will fight to get the federal government out of the business of indoctrinating our children with the liberal agenda, and will fight for both alternative schools and home schools.
We endorsed Rand over all others in the race, because not only is he right on issues, but also because I am convinced he is the most likely candidate to stand up and fight for these issues in the Senate.
Rand Paul is not beholden to a party or any establishment. He is a fighter, and our issues need more than just another vote in the coming years.
With his strong grassroots support as well as the financial backing he has received, there is no doubt in my mind that Rand is in a great position to win this race for conservatives.
It is for these many reasons, that we proudly endorse the pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-constitution small government champion, Dr. Rand Paul, to be the next senator from the state of Kentucky.”
CWPAC is affiliated with Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, which is also affiliated with Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with 500,000 grassroots members nationwide. This is HUGE! And we were not even expecting it. I doubt the official Campaign made any inquiries with them anyway. Perhaps Jim DeMint and CFG will feel safe enough to endorse Rand Paul now too.

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

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