Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rand Paul: Kill the Death Tax

David Adams writes.
Rand Paul supports permanent repeal of the punishing 45% Washington D.C. Death Tax in order to promote entrepreneurship and job creation in America. While the Death Tax is scheduled to drop to zero at the end of this month, Congressional Democrats are rushing through a bill to restore the tax and keep soaking hard-working families in the name of class warfare and wealth redistribution.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to call up HR 4154, the Death Tax restoration bill, for a vote this week. Rand opposes this and all other tax increases.

We should all call our US House Reps and tell them to oppose this bill.

What David Adams doesn't mention here is that the Death Tax -- as the statute currently stands, will come back full force to it's pre-Bush levels in 2011, if legislation isn't passed to make it's abolition permanent.

Congress tried that back in 2003. But now the consequence of delay is more imminent.

Check out this article by Paul Boytinck
Death and Taxes – Can the Congress Kill a Pernicious Tax?

So, Not only does Pelosi's bill need to be defeated. We actually need to pass a bill to make the tax cuts permanent. And Rand Paul's the only viable candidate running for US Senate that has vowed to fight for that.

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