Friday, January 8, 2010

Rand Paul leading Trey Grayson in Democrat Head to Head polls

From Rasmussen Reports

Trey Grayson (R): 44%
Daniel Mongiardo (D): 37%

Rand Paul (R):49%
Daniel Mongiardo (D):35%

Trey Grayson (R):45%
Jack Conway (D):35%

Rand Paul (R):46%
Jack Conway (D):38%

Many Republicans were holding out, believing that Trey would have an easier time winning the general because he's not as principled. But these polls actually show that Rand Paul gets more of the vote then Grayson regardless of which Democrat is in the race.

I've actually said this numerous times. If a liberty candidate can make it through the Republican Primary -- it's actually much easier for him to get votes from moderates, independents, and soft Democrats, then an establishment hack. Looks like Rasmussen Reports agrees with me. :)

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson


  1. Yea, I am sending him internet donations and I don't even LIVE in Kentucky. It's my new 'order of business' to break the strangle-hold that Democrats and Republicans have on our government. These bafoons have to go, no matter WHICH state they represent. The way I see it, every NAY vote we get to block this unconstitutional behavior up on the HILL, the safer we are until we can finally replace all of these 'treasonous' congressmen and senators.