Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rand Paul has high burn rate?

Apparently after Rand Paul raised over $1,000,000 to his opponent's around $600,000 this is being painted as a bad thing. The Custard Pie has an interesting discussion of some rather "loose" numbers put forth by PageOne Kentucky:"With the media, there's often the case of lies, damn lies, and statistics...

Here we go again. PageOne conveniently leaves out the fact that Paul raised $1,010,668.00 of those dollars in Q3 alone. That said, the trend is way past up. Furthermore, if one assumes Paul spent $70,000.00 more in Q3 than his chief rival Grayson who received $642,857.00 in Q3 that's a net gain by the Paul camp of almost $300,000.00 vs. his competition. Personally, if I could spend $70,000.00 to get $300,000.00 I'd be dumping the change outta Granny's purse to get that "burn rate".

But Rand Paul's Q3 number may not be the most important number in Kentucky politics today ...

For some of the Kentucky media pundits out there, what about 179? That's the number of days since launching his Exploratory Committee that former Democrat turned Republican US Senate candidate, Trey Grayson, has refused to state a position on one issue on his campaign website for the voters of Kentucky.
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Let's help make sure Rand Paul's fund-raising is as good or better as his last quarter by donating here. If you are into "Money Bombing" you can also pledge to Rand Paul's campaign on November 5th here. Feel free to join the Rand Paul Community at .ning for the Rand Paul Tea Party Dec 16th too.

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