Thursday, November 5, 2009

Video Coverage of Rand Paul at University of Kentucky

I promised video's if I could get them. Enjoy :)

Rand Paul at University of Kentucky Part 1

Rand Paul at University of Kentucky Part 2

How many candidates can you count who are willing to get on stage and promise their potential constituents nothing, but they're liberty. He's absolutely right. What's the point of a $1 Billion Earmark if it can't buy anything because the Federal Government is using currency debasement to pay for all the pork. Rand doesn't just tell you wnat you want to hear. He tells you the truth.

She booed Rand Paul out of Reflex?

Can anyone follow what this woman is saying? "Government is part of the Constitution"? The Constitution was written to keep the government in check. She's booing Rand Paul, because she has freedom of speech? Typically when people exercise that freedom though, they usually have a reason for exercising it. This is a very confusing response to me. Rand Paul -- much more then Trey Grayson -- will be defending freedom of speech. Well, if it makes her happy.

Speaking of Trey Grayson he did do a little telephone interview. . .

And by telephone interview I mean the coordinator had to call Trey Grayson to ask him where he was. Then Trey gave a shout-out to a girl who claims she's never met him before. She seems kind of creeped out in the above video by it. Of course, he was able to send Chandler in his wake. Poor guy.

Kentucky Race: Students for Rand Paul!
Is Grayson campaigning on State time?

More of the 11/19 Rand Paul/Trey Grayson debate.

Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

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