Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rand Paul at the University of Kentucky

A Student Blog at the U of K reports on the recent forum at the MIK Library. "Basically, from listening to the candidates, I was able to come away with 3 things:

1) Nothing is more important to Bill Johnson than the American Flag. (That being said, Bill’s a great guy and a solid conservative, but it’s going to be hard for him to win on Patriotism alone, which is what he’s trying to do. The war was the only “issue” I can remember him even discussing.

2) Darlene Fitgerald Price (Democrat) is the ONLY person in the World who has ANY experience with the army and the war on drugs. She had some decent ideas, but it didn’t take me long to lose her.

3) Rand Paul has what we like to call “solutions”. I thought about suggesting these to the other candidates, but I didn’t want to confuse anyone. As the other candidates were clinging to using big words and the blame-game, Rand took a step back and said “Look, we’re all to blame. So let’s stop the partisan bickering and get something done. And as usual, Rand Paul’s calm, collective demeanor (even amongst the boo birds from the back) showed that he’s ready for this job and ready now.

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Apparently AGAIN Trey Grayson continues his "Rose Garden" strategy mentioned earlier of not showing up and refusing to talk about actual issues in his weird telephone skit he did with the audience instead of actually being there.

PS. I'll post video clip of the event if I can find one.
Video coverage of Rand Paul at U of K.
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Is Grayson campaigning on State time?

Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

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