Friday, October 23, 2009

Actually, we know pretty much everything Rand Paul Stands for.

Another News Clip talking about the "Who's the real Kentuckian" controversy.

In this clip though, a Grayson supporter who's actually a Republican Party Chair* (in other wards he's another establishment politician) tells us that, "we don't know yet what Rand stands for."

The bizarre attacks continue. Look at Rand Paul's website. He has detailed explanations for pretty much every issue you can think of. He's also been touring Kentucky and speaking face to face with a lot of people. Now look at Grayson's website. There isn't a single issue. In fact, spoof sites like and appear to give more truth about what Trey's positions are then anything on his official website.

If they're anybody in this race we don't know where they stand, it's Trey Grayson. I'm not the only one noticing this. Green River Liberty has this to say:
For example, compare the two campaign websites. RandPaul2010 is brimming with more information than the average joe would expect. Rand provides an explanation for just about any position that a candidate can take. It would take hours to truly research Dr. Rand Paul on the issues and to watch his many speeches and interviews. Trey “Invisible” Grayson on the other hand can’t bother to put a single issue up on his site and finding him at something other than a lobbyist fundraiser is a tough nut to crack.

Blue Grass Bulletin posits that Grayson must be employing a "Rose Garden Strategy" by keeping out of sight as much as possible except in his own home county. After all, all Grayson's done is take a jet tour in a few air-port hangers. He certainly hasn't been out on a regular basis listening to concerns and answering questions from regular people.

From where I sit, it seems to me we don't really know anything about Grayson's positions.

As an aside, I don't know what the rules in Kentucky are, but here in South Dakota it's actually against the party bylaws for the chair of a county party to endorse one candidate over another in the primary. If a county party chair is breaking protocol to support Grayson, what does that say about the integrity of his supporters?

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  1. I think that Grayson's positions are perfectly clear. He's a party hack, who wants a cushy job. If he goes to the Senate, he'll play ball with all the other clowns who are trying to spend our way out of debt.

    A vote for Grayson is a vote for business as usual, and we sure as hell can't afford that at the beginning of the second great depression.