Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rand Paul at Valley High School Audio/Video update.

Unfortunitely I wasn't able to get ahold of full video of this event. Apparently our friends over at Blue Grass Bulletin were going to be live streaming the event. For whatever reason, unfortunately, this didn't happen :(

Kentucky Grassroots Radio however did get audio of the event in it's entirety. Great listening for your I-Pod or listening to the internet while you're working around the house. Click here for it.

I do have some video though.
The campaign posted an excellent behind the scenes video.

And we do have video of one question and answer. You can kind of tell from the question in the following video this gentleman really hasn't thought this through. He wants a sales tax for health care, then complains that the consumers are getting killed. No one is buying cars, etc. So on one hand he wants to raise the price of goods then complains about the economy. Rand does a great job of teaching. This was one of the great things about Rand's father in that Ron Paul wasn't really a politician. He used his position as a platform for teaching and education.

I'm glad to see Rand Paul is learning well how to play this same role as teacher/statesmen. This is what makes Rand different. Instead of telling people what they want to hear. He "speaks the truth in love"* if I may borrow a Biblical phrase.

The 2nd event I found out was actually a meet and greet with some supporters north of Louisville in Prospect. Don't know if I'll get any footage or video of that, but my understanding is that it went well. :)

All I can say is. Rand is a busy man.

Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

*Ephesians 4:15

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