Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rand Paul To Host Fund Raiser For Jimmy Higdon In Bardstown

Blue Grass Bulletin picked up the story about Rand Paul hosting a fundraiser for GOP state senate Candidate.

I think it's healthy that Rand Paul is using his influence to raise money for local candidates. Rand can prove to the party that he can be a valuable asset, while at the same time he spreads his message and builds up his name recognition.

Bluegrass thinks the main issue for Republicans is redistricting.
With a new census next year the legislature will take up the issue of re-districting. In Kelly's old district only a balance of power in the Kentucky Legislature can prevent the potential harm to at least one of Kentucky's current republican votes in Congress, Brett Guthrie, who holds the seat vacated by Ron Lewis.

It's important that districts aren't gerrymandered. There needs to be some competition and gridlock in any given state legislature, or the government looses touch with their voters. Here in South Dakota, we pretty much have a 1 party state, and it creates a sense of "If you want to be in power, join the Republican Party." As such, the Republican party in this state isn't very small government or conservative, compared to states where the party has to work to maintain power. So for the benefit of liberty in Kentucky, it's important that the Republicans hold their seats, so a Democrat majority can't redistrict to their benefit. Especially if Higdorn is a small government conservative, I think this is a great move on Rand's part.

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  1. If Rand Paul has formed a 'friendship' with Jimmy Higdon, America as we know it is lost. Higdon is a member of various Lebanon/Marion County Kentucky government offices that loot homes during governor declared states of emergency, etc. They steal homes from citizens, protect marijuana growers and illegal activity connected with it. Things are stolen out of homes they use collusion to steal, and appear at yardsales on College St in Lebanon, KY. The ones living in the home on College St have Lebanon/Marion Kentucky government connections.