Friday, November 13, 2009

Rand Paul Overtures Sarah Palin

In a recent Q and A with the Wall Street Journal Rand Paul talks about how most things should be local or state issues, the Iraq war, both his Tea Party, and Ron Paul bases, and currency debasement by the Federal Government.

Most interesting I think though is that he's reaching out to Sarah Palin.
Washington Wire: Do you want Sarah Palin to campaign for you?
Paul: We’d love to have her come. We’ve made some overtures to her.

As readers of this blog know, Sarah Palin endorsed the Conservative candidate over the liberal Republican nominee in the NY-23 race. Her help would help Rand Paul a lot. Palin probably agrees more with Paul then she disagrees with him, and said some nice things about his father when he was running for Presidency so who knows?
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Rand Paul
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  1. Why is that you people claim that you want to end the Feds .......When no one want's to talk about cmkm cmki cmkx ....that have prove as to why they should be ended ..they are suing the sec and the dtcc and canda for trillions of naked shorts....


  2. Rand would be making a big mistake compromising his Libertarian-leaning principles by sucking up to Sarah Palin.

  3. I like Rands strategy.. and I don't think he is compromising his principles at all.. He is being very honest when he says that he won't vote for a unbalanced budget...

    Virtually every bill that comes up is a new spending appropriation for some micro-management purpous, or a purpous of fighting unnecessary wars...

    I would love to see some unity.. so that we help all the rest of these neo-con inspired tea partyers along to the natural libertarian view point of our countries founders...

    The more people realize and understand the prinicples of liberty.. the better..

  4. Palin agrees more with Bill Johnson and I suspect she'll be endorsing him.