Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trey Grayson Accuses Rand Paul Of Being "Not A Kentuckian?"

WYMT is reporting that Trey Grayson, in an interview with the station, alleged that his opponent Dr. Rand Paul "is not a Kentuckian."

The folks over at Bluegrass Bulletin has this to say:

Grayson is reported to have called Rand Paul "an outsider" and then followed that up with words some are suggesting amounted to an accusation that Dr. Paul is a non resident.

Rand Paul is an eye surgeon who practices medicine in Bowling Green Kentucky where he has been raising his family for 18 years.
Now this is a pretty bizarre way to attack an opponent. Most voters I think care about the integrity of the candidate and the ideals they believe in. Not, some arbitrary length of time a candidate has lived in a particular geographical area.

Another thing to point out is that Grayson used to be a Democrat. While Grayson was campaigning for Bill Clinton, Rand was a solid Republican fighting for lower taxes with his Kentucky Taxpayer Group. I could be wrong, but I think Republicans probably care more about a person's Republican bona fides then they do about how many decades a person has lived in Kentucky. I don't have exact facts, I think it's possible Rand Paul's been a Republican longer then Grayson has.

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