Thursday, October 22, 2009

More on "Grayson's Accusation"

More commentary from around the blog-o-sphere about Trey Grayson's accusation of Rand Paul not being a "real Kentuckian." Personally, to me it sounds to me like he thinks he's trying to get into the House of Lords, instead of the US Senate. Apparently he thinks his lineage entitles him to the position. But here are some other takes on the issue.

With Rand Paul dominating in fundraising and polling competitively in the Kentucky Senate race, his primary opponent Trey Grayson is now attacking him for not growing up in the state.


It's not a bad thing, however, to be seen as an outsider in an environment where voters are increasingly suspicious of the political establishment. Paul, with his talk against government bailouts and wasteful spending, has obviously hit a nerve with voters -- and has a real shot at winning the nomination.
Grayson is reported to have called Rand Paul "an outsider" and then followed that up with words some are suggesting amounted to an accusation that Dr. Paul is a non resident.

Rand Paul is an eye surgeon who practices medicine in Bowling Green Kentucky where he has been raising his family for 18 years.

Grayson's bizarre accusations are set to air on Monday.
Swing State Project:
KY-Sen: Feeling the heat from Rand Paul in the GOP Senate primary in Kentucky, establishment choice Trey Grayson played the "you ain't from around these parts, are you?" card, calling himself a "5th generation Kentuckian" and Texas-born Paul an "outsider." (Of course, by implication, doesn't that make Grayson the... "insider?" Not exactly the banner you want to run under in 2010.)
Interesting reactions thus far. I will add more as they are published; be sure to post an article in the comments if I've missed any.

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  1. Let me get this right: Some fat cat politician is calling a small businessman an "outsider" for being born in the South and for living in Kentucky for some two decades?

  2. ^AJ, yes that about sums it up.

    Of course Grayson isn't going to attack Rand on the issues, as that would require Grayson taking a position on the issues and he certainly doesn't seem inclined to do that.