Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rand on Pro-Life Solidarity

Rand Paul recently made a statement today about his support for the Pro-Life cause.
Tuesday October 20, 2009 is Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity in which students at nearly 4000 schools and numerous homeschoolers refrain from speaking for a day to draw attention to those children permanently silenced by the atrocity of abortion.

Participating students observe the day by not speaking and responding to questioners by distributing educational materials and praying for the victims of abortion.

Rand Paul supports the efforts of these students and pledges to do everything in his power as a United States Senator to end abortion.
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Now some people are questioning his commitment to the prolife cause because he wants to repeal Roe v Wade thereby turning Abortion -- like every other murder already is -- into a state issue again. Of course he also supports the Sanctity Of Life bill,which his father has introduced in the house on numerous occasions, which Defines human life as beginning at conception, and then removes the abortion from the jurisdiction of the courts. (Which, Constitutionally Congress is allowed to do. It's one of the legislative checks on the judicial branch.)

Personally, as a South Dakota native who's been through 2 initiative battles to ban abortion in my own state I can say with certainty that abortion would pretty much have been made illegal 6 years ago, if it weren't for the cost of all the lawsuits challenging the Constitutionality of banning abortion both of these initiatives would have passed. Many fare-weather pro-lifers couldn't bring themselves to care when the supreme court would just knock it down anyway. Some of them as fiscal conservatives were conflicted because the lawsuits would cost the State government a lot of money. Many people who don't care as much about the issue also sort of see the supreme court as a final arbiter so we shouldn't disagree with them. If the Federal government via the Supreme Court wasn't forcing states to keep abortion legal, abortion would be banned in my own state right now.

Very likely it would be banned in Kentucky too.

Think about how many babies we could save IMMEDIATELY by simply removing the issue of Abortion from the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. This doesn't mean we can't fight for a Constitutional Amendment or other ways to end unborn baby murder, but in the mean time lets allow states like Kentucky and South Dakota and other pro-life states to make up their own minds, so we can at least end this barbaric practice immediately.

Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

Concerned Women of America PAC officially endorses Rand Paul!


  1. Any mommie who would oppose such a common sense solution as Dr. Paul
    has laid out is promoting this murderous infanticide.

  2. Great! Thanks. GO RAND!

  3. You will be a great Senator!