Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The question of whether Rand Paul, son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, is a viable candidate for the US Senate from Kentucky has been firmly laid to rest with the third quarter fundraising results.

Paul, an eye surgeon from Bowling Green, led all candidates of either party with a $1,011,000 haul. Further, Paul's total was comprised of more than 13,000 contributions, over (2500 from Kentucky) with an average contribution under $100. In contrast, his opponent, Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, raised a little under $650,000.

The third quarter fundraising tallies put the Republican candidates on virtually even footing, with Grayson having a little more than $1 million cash on hand, Rand Paul, a little less, with about $912,000.

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson


  1. www.ThisNovember5th.com

    Moneybomb for Rand Paul and friends!

  2. And Rand Paul had as much or more KY donors compared to his main Republican competitor, who touts %contributions from KY. First, trey did not state whether it was donors or contributions, so I do not know if trey was referring to a % of people or %of a monetary amount.
    In any case, my take is Rand Paul has at least as many KY donors, PLUS a national base who have only contributed an average of less than $75.00 so far - talk about $$$ headroom...
    For his competition it is not so good.
    Trey's rich donors are probably maxed out already, with little or no national base to draw from, let alone expand.