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Divide and conquer: It's What The Establishment Wants

Thanks to Humble Libertarian who just linked to my thread over at Rand Paul Forums by this thread title's name:
This is what the establishment wants. Divide and conquer. Please don't let them succeed. Personally I don't agree with Rand on this particular issue, but he's still miles more free market, and non-interventionist then anybody else currently in the US Senate.

Trey Grayson attacked Rand on the issue because he knew it would be divisive. Trey new Paul either had to say one thing, and make the people of Kentucky very unhappy, or say another thing and cause problems in much of his national base.

Please read the two articles I've put together. This is definitely a very well orchestrated event by the Trey Grayson camp.

Rand Paul and Guantanamo: First debate with Trey Grayson

Clinton backer turned GOPer Grayson calling Rand Paul a "flip flopper"

Remember people, this is why we LIKE Rand, because he ISN'T a career politician, but that means he's going to make a mistake now and then.

Rand Also clarified his positions which I've blogged about here:
Clarifying Rand's Position on Guantanamo

The problem then, seems to be the lack of any official declaration of war, like I've blogged about before. Had Rand been in the US Senate at the time, he would have forced an official declaration and there wouldn't be any question about whether or not these are prisoners of war and what their rights are vs regular citizens or "enemy combatants" (which seems to mean whatever Bush wanted it to mean).

But the fact is the Afghanistan war wasn't done properly and constitutionally, and now we have to figure out the best way to unscramble an omelet. I will state for the record that I disagree with Rand on the issue, but I do think it's possible for libertarians and anti-war people to disagree on the best way to unscramble the evils of the state. Murray Rothbard and Frederick Hayek disagreed on the best way to unscramble the central bank, but they were both classified as solid Libertarians. read the rest

Left Coast Rebel
has issued his statement too.
To summarize, I think that infighting among activists w/Rand Paul is meaningless. He believes in free minds and markets. He would be a clear distinct voice for capitalism and freedom. To me it is nearly meaningless if he wishes to try terrorists here or there, anywhere. That is not the issue that I want him in the Senate to tackle.

There's a lot of angles to this. We need a filibustering, small government Constitutionalist in the Senate. Rand's the only viable candidate we've got. Please consider pledging to our Tea Party Moneybomb this December 16th.

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Carol Paul, Ron Paul's Wife Weighs in.

Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

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