Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trey Grayson and Mitch McConnell at the Bailout BALL -- Again.

This time in New York City.

So, Trey Grayson is vehemently opposed to Rand Paul's characterization of him being the establishment candidate. Rand Paul made a comment to politico regarding his efforts to woo the Club for Growth.
I think our race is shaping up a lot like the other races: There is a sort of establishment candidate and a conservative who wants to defend a party platform that is against bank bailouts and a lot of the things going on in Washington,” said primary candidate Rand Paul

This comment was hotly contested by Hodson, Trey Grayson's Campaign Manager.
"There is no establishment candidate in this race. There is no incumbent. We reject the label. We reject it completely. We are not the establishment candidate."

Special thanks to the tip from BlueGrass Bulletin who writes,
Apparently Grayson is now not only running for the Senate, running against Rand Paul and others, but now also running AWAY FROM his own image. My how things can change in politics virtually overnight.

So now Grayson is running away from his own image at another Bailout Ball, hosted by Mitch McConnell. (Apparently Mitch found out Rand Paul had principles and couldn't be bought at their meeting.) Good luck running away from your own image and NOT being an insider candidate at a, um, political insider fundraiser. Page one picks this up saying,
Dear Nate Hodson and Trey Grayson’s Campaign: You can’t pretend Trey isn’t the establishment candidate when the NRSC is holding fundraisers for him and when your own campaign tells me that Mitch McConnell and the “Republican establishment” (verbatim) are supporting him.

If I were Jon Stewart, I might do a "Trey Grayson vs Trey Grayson" spot. Politicians used to be able to get away with this kind of double-talking. They would tell one group what they want to hear, and tell another diametrically opposed group what they want to here. And the to groups wouldn't talk to each other and nobody would be the wiser. But. . .

This is the age of the internet baby!

Anybody and their dog can go online now and quickly find out everything you say you stand (or, don't stand for) -- not just the soundbites you want them and their associations to hear.

This is, of course why, Hillary Clinton wants a Government GATEWAY on the internet. I mean, if people are able to do research for themselves, politicians won't be able to lie so much. We can't have that!

The era of the political panderer is coming to an end. And Rand Paul is striking the first blow.

Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

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