Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trey Grayson Accuses Media of Having a Crush on Rand Paul!

From WHAS11

From the video: Tray Grayson says, "I'm confident, that "when they hear my view, my experience, my track record. . ."

His Track Record? I guess I'm confused. His job is that of a glorified clerk. He doesn't have a track record. He doesn't have any voting history to back up that he's a conservative. Much less a principled conservative who'll be willing to stand up for beliefs by refusing to vote for bank bailouts, and other principles. If he'd been in the State Senate or State House fighting to cut taxes, maybe; Or fighting for small government from the outside during his courier like Rand has he might then be able to talk about a track record. As I've said before, he really doesn't have ANY proof that he really believes in small government.

Trey Continues:
I have zero, zero concern that Senator McConnell or anyone else that's been a big backer of mine or big supporter, or just an adviser of mine is going to jump ship because of what's going on right now. Because of this little phenomenon, where you guys have this crush on this doctor from Bowling Green who has some crazy ideas. (My emphasis.)

It's usually not a good idea to accuse the media of having a crush on somebody else. Even if it could be true, (There really is no such thing as unbiased media. Of course, typically when they're biased they're biased towards the more liberal candidate. So if it's true that the media loves Rand Paul, it must really mean Rand's doing something right.) you come off as whiny. In this case, I don't really think it is true though.

The fact is, Rand Paul is just working harder, so there's more stuff to report about Rand then Trey. That's all. BlueGrass Bulletin made the comment awhile back that he gets press releases daily or more from the Rand Paul Campaign. Trey Grayson hardly sends him anything. What's he supposed to do?

Then he calls Rand Paul crazy. Are balanced budgets crazy? Is small government crazy? Are term limits crazy?
Is Following the Constitution Crazy?
I'd be real curious to find out which particular beliefs Rand Paul has that Trey Grayson believes are crazy, and why. Personally, I'm looking forward to some debates. Hopefully, I can find out.

Traitor Trey picked up on the fact that even Cathy Bailey is calling Trey Grayson the establishment moderate candidate, which is bound to make it even tougher on Grayson to run away from himself.

Speaking of Cathy, is showing the video of Bailey with Bush Jr. on the side supposed to help her? Many Americans including a high percentage of Republicans have little good to say about him and his bailouts, increasing entitlements and overall drunken sailor spending. Let me know what you think.

Liberty Maven says, Trey Grayson is channeling Lindsey Graham. Considering there are letters going around to county chairs telling them Rand Paul is not welcome in the party, this might be a very accurate assessment.

Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

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