Monday, November 16, 2009

Trey Grayson: Sitting for Senate

Speaking of Rand Paul Sprinting for Senate, I thought I'd talk a little bit about Grayson's campaign. I've become convinced that the reason he entered this race, was because he thought he wouldn't have any competition.

I've already blogged about Grayson's "Rose Garden Strategy" of seemingly hiding from the voters and refusing to comment on actual issues.

But newer information about the campaign becomes increasingly bizarre. Recently Derek mentioned that he got contacted to be a volunteer -- 4 months after he volunteered his services. Now, I was always taught in sales and customer service that you need to follow up at least by the next day, or the odds approach zero that you’ll even have a live contact anymore.

I wonder, if Grayson has ever had a business, or been in customer service where that fast response attitude was important? If not, that might partially explain his lackadaisical approach. A more likely scenario though is that he's a bit bummed that he's going to have to work for this nomination and he's only just now realizing it. I think he planning on sitting for Senate instead of actually running. I mean, the last appearance anyone's heard from Grayson is his phone skit because the moderator called him because he couldn't drive 20 minutes to meet with potential voters.

And then when Trey Grayson DOES talk about an issue, he waxes peripheral. His first big issue is that he's a real Kentuckian. His second issue is that he's support Mitch McConnell for Senate Minority Leader (even though his first issue is kind of a slam on Mitch).

But, by itself this 2nd issue by Trey Grayson doesn't make any sense considering Grayson had just told the Wall Street Journal that he was going to be highly critical of Mitch. If Grayson really IS as critical of the bailouts and critical of Mitch for voting for them as he's was pretending to be in the WSJ, shouldn't he be applauding Rand Paul's failure to commit on the issue of. I mean, why would Trey Grayson vigorously support a person he's ideologically opposed to? Unless he really DOES believe what this spoof site says about him not caring about "rigid ideologies" in the picture caption. So either Grayson doesn't care about ideologies and doesn't believe in anything, or he's just telling different groups of people what he thinks they want to hear.

Rush Limbaugh always says it's best for a candidate to have 3 issues they care about. I'm very curious what Trey Grayson's 3rd campaign issue will be.

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