Monday, November 16, 2009

Rand Paul Wants Liberty Really Bad!

I've blogged several times now about how Rand Paul is doing so many events that I'm having trouble keeping up with everything. Almost every day he's got something going on, and many days lately he's had 2 or three events he's trying to attend and juggle.

Well, Derek over at Kentucky Politics noticed this too and says it's the reason behind Rand Paul's meteoric rise in the polls.
Rand and his trusted campaign employees (namely Chris Hightower, Christi Gillespie and David Adams) have been doing events early, often and, well….often. In the month of October, on SATURDAY’S ALONE, the Paul campaign did over 10 events. That’s an event and a half a day. Plus there’s over 20 for the month of October. Taking Sunday’s off, Dr. Paul comes remarkably close to a campaign event PER DAY.

Compare that to Grayson's site. Which, for the most part all he has is Trey Grayson's Jet Tour. I mean, even though he has issues now, these spoof sites here and here have more information about his activities (even though they haven't been updated in a while it seems).

Kentucky Politics continues
I live in Lexington, so let’s just use it as an example. Buck Ryan holds a Citizens Forum Roundtable on UK’s Campus for the Students, and Rand Paul drives over three hours to get there while Trey calls in, being only twenty minutes away. Rand has come back to Lexington for two other events, a GOP Breakfast and a town-hall. . . Last Saturday, after speaking TWICE earlier that morning and scheduled to speak again in just hours, the Campaign got wind of a tea party in the area so they added it to the schedule as well.

Rand Paul isn't running for Senate. He's Sprinting in a Marathon.

Trey Grayson: Sitting for Senate"

Rand Paul


  1. Not always a good thing. The sprinters never win the marathon.

  2. Unless you can sprint for 26 miles. :)