Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rand Paul endorses Jim DeMint's Term Limits Amendment

Speaking of Senator Jim DeMint's and Rand Paul's ideological agreements, a week ago, Rand Paul endorsed Demint's bill to amend the Constitution to enact Term Limits for Federal Legislators.
Rand Paul supports term limits as a means of reining in career politicians and pork barrel spending. He supports the legislation introduced by U.S. Senate Republicans Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Sam Brownback to amend the Constitution to limit terms.

“Billions of dollars flow to states like West Virginia and Alaska based on seniority and not based on any objective value of the projects. Term Limits would put a stop to this pork barrel system,” Rand Paul said. “Senator DeMint’s point that the rule only works when applied to everyone makes a lot of sense to me.”

“More needs to be done to break up some the concentrated power in the bureaucracy, but this is a good start toward tearing out political corruption by the roots,” Paul said

Another "tip" we can send to Demint's Senate Conservatives group.

Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

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  1. Rand's leading with term limits is a brilliant stroke. Not only are term limits good policy, but good politics too. The latest national polling commissioned by U.S. Term Limits shows an 83% support for TL, including a majority of both Democrats and Republicans.

    To add your voice with Rand's in support of Congressionalterm limits, sign the online petition at Thanks!

    Philip Blumel