Friday, December 11, 2009

Inspirational Rand Paul TeaParty Moneybomb Video

Rand Paul's Tea Party - December 16th Moneybomb!

Remember. Outraising Trey Grayson this quarter will be a HUGE Victory. Perhaps even THE victory.

Another thought that I had was, I think it's quite possible, the Club for Growth, AND Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives fund will endorse Rand Paul if Rand Paul drives a knock-out Blow to Grayson in the Q4 fund-raising.

I think they both kind of want assurances I think that Rand Paul will WIN before they go out on a limb and endorse somebody that far outside of the establishment. So, the more money Rand Paul raises, the more endorsements will come out of the woodwork.

Regarding DeMint's Senate Conservative fund specifically, over at Rand Paul Forums Lordindra3 offers the following speculation:
Please dont forget DeMint's senate conservatives! I found out the reason why they havent already jumped on Rand, by the way. Its purely political. Even though DeMint wants to take McConnell's seat, McConnell is still the GOP senate head and has power over DeMint and its very sensitive to jump on McConnell's puppet's opponent! Also, Grayson, we all know is a big government republicrat, but there is no SOLID evidence like their is against Charlie Christ and they dont want to support someone who they think may have plateaued (praying that that doesnt happen!). Thats why they are going to see how much money Rand raises for the 4th quarter and then check the early 1st quarter polling (which they will do again) and if Rand is going up more again, then they will come and support Rand. Thats the truth and thats why we need all of you more than we ever had!!!! We need you financially and we need your time and help! Thank you everybody!!!

Like I said, it's speculation -- but it's plausible. That's why this fundraiser day needs to be huge. Pledge Today

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