Monday, December 7, 2009

Rand Paul tours Northern Kentucky!

Rand Paul
Rand Paul vs Ben BernankeWell, not exactly. However, Saturday Rand Paul had 3 (Count um, One, two, THREE) events in Hebron, and California, Kentucky.

Rand Paul sign in California, KentuckyRand Paul had a fund raiser/friend raiser and a meet and greet in California, Kentucky. Gage Skidmore has a flicker set of pictures here.  Apparently somebody doesn't like Bernanke or the Federal Reserve.
Then it was off to Hebron, Kentucky for another meet and great. Don't you think this is a beautiful tree?

Christmas Tree at motel in Hebron, Kentucky
Rand Paul sign in Hebron, Kentucky He got a lot of compliments on his tie after he adjusted it.:) 

Rand Paul gives speech at Boone County Republican Party Christmas partyThen he was off to the Boone County GOP Christmas Party, also in Hebron, Kentucky.
Rand's table at Boone County GOP
Rand Paul had a good reception everywhere he went. I think the main thing this proves is that Rand Paul, really is working hard. He's working to make sure everybody knows who he is and where he stands on everything possible.

Rand Paul cameraman face-off with Trey Grayson Stalker.
Trey Grayson's new political stalker.
For those of you who remember Chandler "pancakes" Jenkins. We also met video stalker 2.0.

My guess is we'll be seeing more of this guy. You'd think Trey Grayson would have better things to do with his money then pay people to go around tape recording Rand Paul. Maybe that's just what establishment politicians do though.

I don't have any video of any of these events yet. Will post them as they become available.

Rand Paul's talk at Boone County GOP Christmas Party.

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Rand Paul
Trey Grayson

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