Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trey Grayson says cutting government spending is a bad move

According to WBKO Trey Grayson says it's bad to cut government spending.
Grayson Says Budgets Cuts in Board of Elections is a Bad Move

Grayson and heads of agencies across state government have sent letters to State Budget Director Mary Lassiter explaining potential ramifications of 6% cuts that the Governor has called for.

This is so typical of liberals and government bureaucrats. During the boom time governments spend money like there's no tomorrow. But when the contraction hits, they're not willing to tighten their budget.

When you or I get a paycut, we can't go to our neighbor and steal from them to make up the shortfall. No. We have to cut costs and figure out how to make do. But when a government starts seeing lower revenue from taxes. They fight tooth and nail to keep from having to cut costs. Every bureaucracy thinks there's is the one that shouldn't have spending cut.

Is this really the kind of attitude we want from a US Senator? That of a bureaucrat protecting his turf from necessary budget cuts?

He claims to be a conservative. But conservatives LIKE to cut government spending. If he were really running his department like a conservative, he'd be trying to streamline it all along and trying to save the taxpayer as much money as possible. His attitude, instead, seems to be that of a typical government bureaucrat.

Perhaps it is only this particular cut he's opposed to. Still, from the news source it appears like he's cooperating with other heads of State Departments to prevent cuts elsewhere also. If he's a true conservative, he should be looking to slash government spending anywhere and everywhere possible -- including the budget of his own department.

Memo to Stan Lee: Rand Paul's the real conservative.

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