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Trey Grayson calls Rand Paul the establishment candidate?

OK. Trey Grayson seems to be getting desperate as he continues to run away from himself. has a very balanced article called, "Rand Paul's early lead a sign of party division."

On the 2nd page Grayson says,
Still, he rejects the label of establishment candidate, saying "my support cuts across all levels."

If anyone is an establishment candidate in the race, it's the one whose father is a sitting member of Congress, Grayson said.

That's ridiculous, Paul said.

"There's only been one candidate feted at the National Republican Senate headquarters with about 20 senators giving him money and only one candidate Mitch McConnell is raising money for," he said.

Ron Paul's part of the establishment? When did that happen? All I remember was establishment Republican Candidates laughing at him when he was predicting the current economic mess that we're all in right now. Ron Paul is popular now, because he was right. But he's popular with the people. That makes him "populist" which, I think, is the opposite of establishment. Seems Trey Grayson has been taking cues from Lindsey Graham again.

Scott Jennings in the article then says that Mitch McConnell isn't establishment.

Well, I guess I'm a bit confused. Being the number 1 Republican in the Senate -- sort of makes a person part of the establishment don't you think? McConnell also voted for the bailouts. Doesn't that make him part of the problem with Washington as it stands currently? (Although Kudos to McConnell for Opposing McCain/Feingold

Also from the article.
One of the most conservative members of Kentucky's General Assembly, Republican Rep. Stan Lee of Lexington, said he takes Grayson and Paul at their word that they are conservatives.

"But we don't have a voting record on either one," Lee said. "What I'm concerned about is whether whoever wins will adhere to the strong conservative principles we Kentuckians want.

"We will not put up with anything less."

I would like to share some information with Rep Stan Lee. (Not to be confused with the Stan Lee who created Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk -- That would be cool though right?)

Rand Paul has been organizing an anti-Tax group in Kentucky for years: Take Back Kentucky. What has Trey Grayson done?

Trey Grayson went to a fundraiser where 17 of 20 Republican Senators there voted for the bailouts. He's being funded by bankers and lobbyists from DC. And he and McConnell had plans to have another bailout ball in New York. (Although apparently that one was canceled?) Here's is my question. Who is he going to be loyal to when he votes? The bankers and lobbyists who are funding his campaign? Or the people?

Rand Paul on the other hand has publicly stated that he's refusing donations from Senators who voted for the bailouts.

I think it's pretty clear which one has the stronger principles.

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If you haven't done so already. Please contact again The Club for Growth and Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund

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A Commenter on the article writes:
"Brad Cummings, a Grayson backer....Grayson supporter Cummings said he, too, voted for Clinton."

Former Clinton supporter supports former Clinton supporter. Film at 11:00.

Update for Stan Lee

Trey Grayson says cutting government spending is a bad move

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