Friday, December 11, 2009

Rand Paul in Rookie's Sports Bar in Henderson (photos)

Rand Paul at Rookie's in Henderson

Rand Paul was in Henderson, Kentucky. . .

today to meet and speak with the locals at Rookie's Sports Bar. Like always Gage has pictures of Rand's event.

Uncouth Ruminations has a first hand account of Rand Paul's meet and greet.
Largely an informal event, the senate candidate feared and loathed by the establishment was all smiles as he got to meet with a diverse cast of his supporters. Young and old, black and white, people came out to hear the doctor from Bowling Green talk about balanced budgets, lowering taxes, term limits, and the value of the dollar. As another attendee remarked to me, we didn't hear a single worn-out Republican catchphrase. Rather, the candidate pointed out that President Obama is easy to target and that the real challenge is to get the Republican Party back in shape. It doesn't matter if we harass the president for being reckless with the nation's finances when Republicans do no better themselves.

Candid Photo of Rand Paul, being a normal citizen

In a sight inconceivable two years ago when Rand Paul’s father

was running for president, the would-be senator is actually a viable candidate and has reason to be upbeat. The last poll conducted in November had Rand within the margin of error against the one-time presumptive candidate, Trey Grayson. The primary is still six months away and despite the rantings of cranky party chairmen, Rand Paul is not too kooky for a lot of folks in Kentucky.

The candidate, before and after his speech, took time to engage with nearly every attendee. In an act that didn't go unnoticed, the candidate was not "fashionably late" or any other euphemism to justify why his time is more important than that of his supporters, but was actually at the venue before the scheduled time. In that same vein, when the candidate departed, it was not flanked by highly-paid suits, but by carrying the boxes of his campaign materials himself.
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Rand Paul sign in Rookie's Entrance
I'm going to say this again. Rand Paul is working HARD! He had 3 events last Saturday, and still found time to speak with Downsize DC, gave a speech in Bullitt County yesterday, and now he's meeting the locals in Henderson, Kentucky.

I don't think there can be any doubt about who's working harder in this race.

News Converage: Rand Paul in Henderson, KY

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