Friday, December 11, 2009

Is it over for Trey Grayson if Rand Paul wins the Q4 Money race?

Blue Grass Bulletin has an interesting write-up about the "Grayson/Paul bout"

"If Paul out raises Grayson again ... it will take a knockout punch to beat him"

Round five will be the fourth quarter finance reports. If Paul out raises Grayson again, he will be ahead in the count with only five rounds to go. Certainly he needs to continue to take the fight to Grayson, who is still seen as the champ, but if Paul wins the next two rounds, it will take a knock out punch to beat him.

While Grayson may very well be playing a bit of rope-a-dope and letting Paul punch himself out, Paul is showing little sign of tiring. Grayson packs a helluva hard right hook, a lesson learned from his undefeated trainer Mitch McConnell. But there is always the risk that Paul will go the distance and win in a close decision.

Grayson better answer the next bell on his feet and ready to fight. It doesn't even look like Paul is breathing hard, yet.

I highly recommend reading the full article. Here's another quote showing Rand Paul making the right moves.
The fourth round was all about credibility. At first it looked like Grayson had rocked Paul with a few well landed blows to his mid-section finding discrepancies between the words he spoke about Gitmo and the words he published on his web site. Then came the head shot from the NRSC which questioned Paul's veracity when he reported that they had committed to him to not endorse in the race. But Paul seemed to recover well and before long rocked Grayson with a skillful combination of punches.

First, he deftly brushed aside the criticism and effectively shook off the effects of the hit. Then Paul began showing up again and again on national news programs and seemed to reach deep inside to gather the energy of the TEA party movement, getting the crowd behind him. And then Paul executed a crushing right when he was the ONLY one of the two to get out front for state senate candidate Jimmy Higdon who defeated his better funded democratic opponent despite all of the predictions of a loss.
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(On this last point, Trey Grayson is now laughingly trying to take credit for Jimmy Higdon's success. However, only Paul showed up to Jimmy's event to help fund raise, and only Paul sent out e-mails to his entire Kentucky network to solicit donations for Higdon. What did Grayson do?)

But Bluegrass bulletin isn't the only one noticing this though. Kentucky GOP strategist Scott Jennings is quoted by WHAS11
“I truly believe the tale of the tape on this race will be on Jan. [31] when the [fourth-quarter] fundraising reports come out,” said Scott Jennings, a Kentucky political operative who previously worked for McConnell’s re-election campaign. “If the Paul people have not been able capitalize on him leading in a survey, then I think that might be indicative that he might have peaked. But if [Federal Election Commission] reports come out and Paul has again led all the Senate candidates in fundraising, then I think a lot of these fumbles sort of go away.”

So we've got a blogger and a GOP Strategist saying that if Rand Paul wins the forth quarter money race, it's sort of all over for Grayson. Certainly, Rand Paul still needs to work hard. (He is, and he will. But if Rand Paul goes into next year with significantly more money then Grayson, he's going to be very difficult to beat.

That's why it's imperative that Rand Paul's moneybomb on Dec 16th goes well. Please pledge. And donate at

We might actually get an honest Senator who believes in small government, balanced budgets, private property, and individual liberty! Who would have thought it was possible.

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